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Penang Food Tour Tips: 3 Eco Friendly Ways to Enjoy Your Food Tour in George Town

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Hello, friends! You might have heard of popular beaches closing because of plastic pollution. Travel is a enlightening and fun thing to do and thinking about how we impact the places we visit can keep it that way. We’ve been working on some ways to be more environmentally friendly during our tours. Here’s how you can help:

Help Reduce Plastic Waste During Your Tour

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle

    Our goal is to be 100% Single Use Plastic Free during our tours. Plastic bottles are probably the number one SUP that can be easily reduced with minimum effort. Over the last two years, we’ve avoided thousands of plastic bottles with a few simple choices.

    Most of our food stops have juice, beverages and other drinks to enjoy, without the use of SUPs. We have a water refill stop at the beginning of the tour and can arrange to stop at another near the end. We are also speaking to our vendors about not including plastic straws unless specifically requested (some people require them due to illness/disability/etc)

    We still provide bottled water upon request, but bringing a reusable plastic bottle will help us in our effort to minimise the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Plus its really convenient too!

  2. Bring an umbrella

    Sometimes you get caught in an unexpected shower. It happens, especially in a tropical place like Penang. Unfortunately, plastic ponchos have a huge environmental impact even when disposed in the recycle bin. Solution? A small umbrella!

    You can get a compact one for about RM10 - RM30 depending on the quality, and it will fit nicely in your carry bag or luggage. They’re usable and create much less plastic waste than ponchos/single-use plastic raincoats. The umbrella will also be useful during the rest of your stay here and you can pass it on to someone else if you’re not carrying it along for the rest of your journey.

    Many hotels also provide umbrellas for free and you can return them when you’re done. Of course, if you’re a fan of dancing in the rain, that is also an option. Just bring the right soundtrack!

The city view is a lot nicer without plastic waste. Picture credit Jeremy B.

The city view is a lot nicer without plastic waste. Picture credit Jeremy B.

Help Reduce Food Waste During Your Food Tour

  1. Pace Yourself and Communicate with Your Host

    Our goal is to help you enjoy some of the amazing food in George Town, introduce you to the wonderful stories and show you some more awesome things you can do on your trip to Penang.

    Our hosts will check in with your throughout the tour and order food based on how much more tummy space you have. What if there’s more you want to try but you’re full? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you the locations we visited so you can come back for more. We’ll even give you some extra recommendations! You will have plenty of amazing food places to try while you’re here.

    By enjoying our food responsibly we can prevent unnecessary food waste, and that’s a great sustainable way to see the world.

  2. Extra Tip: Bring a small food container

    Here’s a tip we got from an expert on reducing waste (thanks, mom.) Bring along a small food container if you can. Pick a size that’s easy to carry and will fit into a bag or handbag.

    During our tours, we’ll try to order enough so you’re full and satisfied, but also try to avoid creating food waste. Admittedly, it’s a fine line. So if there is any extra food, the container will come in handy!

Got some more tips to help? Tell us in the comments! Find more tips for your trip to George Town and food tour in our previous post: 3 Must Know Tips for Your Tour in George Town

That’s right, Coco. We are canceling the apocalypse. Picture credit Jeremy B

That’s right, Coco. We are canceling the apocalypse. Picture credit Jeremy B

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur: KL Food and Landmarks Tour with Manjeet

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Hello, friends! A couple of weeks ago, we decided to find out more things to do in KL. We wanted to figure out what there was to see, and what to eat in KL that’s a bit off the beaten path. Luckily, we met Manjeet from KL Walks and got to do both!

Kuala Lumpur Landmarks & History Walk

We met Manjeet at the iconic Pasar Seni (Central Market) in KL and spent the next hour or so exploring the history of the area and visiting one of the important cultural landmarks. We’ve visited Pasar Seni countless times before, but somehow always walked by the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple without entering. This time, with Manjeet’s help, we got a look inside!

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

The temple has a really fascinating history that is tied to the city of KL. We also got a look at some of the beliefs and rituals practiced at this temple, which is a rare treat. We also learned the function of something we’ve seen at many temples, but had no idea what it did. If you follow our Instagram, you might have shared our epiphany as well!

Street Food and Local Favourites in KL City

One of the questions that haunt us whenever we travel to the capital - where is the best place to eat in KL?? Luckily, Manjeet pointed us to some her favourite spots.

Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish on Jalan Petaling

Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish on Jalan Petaling

The place we tried immediately after the tour is Hong Kee Claypot Chicken Rice. It’s technically on Jalan Sultan, but it’s easier to mention Petaling Street to your Taxi or Grab driver when finding your way there. You can also get seafood like cockles and grilled fish here, along with a nice cool beer to wash it down. It’s also next to a steamboat restaurant if you fancy that sort of thing.

heritage on a plate things to do in kuala lumpur local food kl rice nasi campur.jpg

The next day, we went to another one of Manjeet’s recommendations - Masakan Padang Asli Kampung Baru. This place only opens for lunch and Manjeet recommended the beef tendon and lung which are their specialties. Unfortunately, we had a late night and made it a bit late. Their specialties were sold out, but we still got an amazing serving of sambal, fish, begedil (minced potato deep fried with meat and herbs) just a little taste of that creamy sweet tendon curry everyone raves about. Definitely come visit as soon as you can, as Kampung Baru - one of the last traditional Malay villages in KL - will likely be developed into condos in the near future.

Well, that’s it for this trip, friends. Find out more places to eat in KL (and a nice gin bar we like) in our earlier post: Delicious Food Places in Kuala Lumpur. See you in the next one!

Things To Do In Langkawi: Best Seafood Restaurant We Visited!

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Hey, guys! We’ve been on a quest to find some of the best food in Langkawi. It’s a popular destination after visiting Penang, and there a plenty of guides to the best Langkawi hotels and resorts. But what about the more adventurous among us?

Recently, Jeremy wrote a blog post about some off-the-beaten-path food and beaches on the island. You can read it here. In this post, I’m going to tell you about even more things to do in Langkawi but this time around the small town of Kuah. If you’re not familiar with the town, it’s where the Dataran Lang eagle statue can be found. So you can visit a popular Langkawi landmark and have some amazing food at the same time!

Heritage on a Plate Langkawi Kuah Goldsands Hotel.jpg

The Best Seafood Dinner We Had in Langkawi

Seafood dinner is a big deal in Penang and elsewhere. It’s more than just a meal, it’s sort of an institution. Families come together over the weekend to laugh, talk and enjoy a delicious meal. Seafood is also considered as a sign of good luck and prosperity, so no extra pressure there chef!

We weren’t going out for a formal dinner on this occasion. But we were staying at the Goldsands Hotel Langkawi in Kuah, and just a short walk from the hotel was one delicious food gem. We’re talking about Weng Fung Seafood Restaurant in Kuah, Langkawi.

The lala (cockles) were so fresh they were almost sweet and buttery

The lala (cockles) were so fresh they were almost sweet and buttery

We heard about this restaurant from some friends and couldn’t wait to try it out. Nestled in a small commercial area in Kuah, about 30 minutes away from the main tourist hubs of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, this place is about as quaint and local as it gets. You can get here via Grab (the local rideshare) or taxi and there’s no issue getting a return trip as long as you aren’t staying too late.

There are only about 5 or 6 tables in this air-conditioned restaurant, and although we arrived pretty early for dinner, most of them were taken. We figured this was a good sign! The staff were very friendly and even made recommendations on dishes and portions. Do plan to arrive by 6pm or so for dinner. It got pretty crowded as we were leaving!

The dried chili mantis prawn was delicious and generous in serving

The dried chili mantis prawn was delicious and generous in serving

The highlights were the Teochew-style Pomfret and Golden Spicy Flower Crab. We wish there was a way to communicate flavour through the screen, because these two dishes completely blew us out of the water (pun!).

The pomfret was fresh and delicately cooked, softly buffeted by the tangy flavour of tomatoes and ginger, fragrant with sesame and boldly showcasing the very Teochew flavour of salted cabbage. It’s not something we thought would work, but the chef has expertly balanced these notes with the freshness of the fish. This is one confident chef who knows their stuff!

We were pleasantly suprised by the choice of flavours and how well the chef brought it all together

We were pleasantly suprised by the choice of flavours and how well the chef brought it all together

The crab was, without any hyperbole whatsoever, the best crab dish we have ever had. And we’ve had some pretty great ones! It was succulent and sweet, perfectly complemented by tangy, almost creamy sauce. Every crack, every slurp, every mouthful felt satisfying. If we could, we’d have hugged the chef.

Was it simply a really great catch that day? Were we delirious with hunger? Only another visit will lay these questions (and our taste buds) to rest. Don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and give this place a try!

Please marry us, beautiful crab.

Please marry us, beautiful crab.

Bonus: Cellar Bank Langkawi Featuring Japanese Whisky Flight

If you enjoy a good Japanese whisky in the evening, this is a great place to check out. The Cellar Bank Langkawi is right next to Weng Fung and offer a flight of several delicious Japanese whiskys to sample. And you can get a bottle of your choice duty free afterwards! We got ourselves a bottle of Coffey Grain Nikka and have been enjoying it hic responsibly.

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