Heritage on a Plate

Lunch Food Tour (Lunch Hop) in George Town, Penang

Adventurous? Enjoy braving the tropical sun for delicious Penang food?

The Lunch Hop takes you on an exploration of Penang culture and history, through our local lunch time favourites.

Starting at the historic Little India enclave in George Town, eat some of our favourite food, explore the city with us, and discover the true story of Penang and its community.

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The Lunch HOP

Lunch time in George Town is a bustle of activity. Recipes that were developed to nourish port workers and labourers have evolved to cater to executives and engineers. And yet they retain their rustic roots, and are all the more special and delicious for it.

Come experience the story of George Town's inception and discover the dishes that fed generations of working class Penangites. Enjoy food from the ethnic Hokkien, Indian-Muslim and Nyonya communities as well as some nice, cool and sometimes suprising desserts.


Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm (3 hours)

Distance: 2.0 - 2.5km with ample rest stops

Spice Level: Low to Moderate

Price: USD60 per person