Heritage on a Plate

A Curated Experience of Delicious Penang Food

We started Heritage on a Plate because we’re passionate about Penang. The culture, the street food, and the vibrant stories intertwined into the rich fabric of George Town. We love this place. It’s home.

We’ve carefully curated our food tours to be a special experience - an exploration of Penang food and culture, a way discover the rich history of the city, and a way to create connection with the place you’re visiting.

Food nourishes us, and it also brings us together. People often say we’re the best food tour in Penang. Well, we also want to be the best way to experience George Town. What better way to discover this heritage city than through its much loved, much shared and much talked about food?

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A Passion for Stories

Hello! I’m Danny and I’m one of the co-founders of Heritage on a Plate. You’ll meet me on most of our food tours, or food hops as we like to call them.

I have a real passion for Malaysian food, and Penang street food in particular. When I’m not hosting hops or plotting to take over the world, I’m usually eating, or reading about eating.

I was born here and in the last few years its become my calling to document and tell the story of Penang. The story of this island and its people can be inspiring, suprising, harrowing and heartwarming. It is a place with so much to tell, and I’d like to share that with you through our food.

Stories are much better with food anyway :)

What We Believe

It’s Personal

We believe that connecting with people is one of the most rewarding things in life. We’re passionate to explore, thirsty for stories to learn and tell, and hungry for new experiences. We really care about what we do and we like to do it with passion, flair and a sense of fun.

People Matter

Food cannot be separated from human connection. We don’t just eat: we experience, we remember, we bond. From our earliest memories of the morning aromas in the kitchen, to the comfort of finding those same memories in a far away place, food is often the means to something intangible but no less nourishing. Valuing people and the connections between us is inseparable from what we do, and who we are.

Do Good

We don’t know if we can change the world, but we have a chance do some good things in our little corner of the globe. Travel is such a powerful activity - the opportunity to experience new unfamiliar places, to meet people with diverse lived experiences and to discover the boundaries of our own knowledge - it’s a powerful, transformative thing.

We’re just a few bright-eyed young kids on a little island in Malaysia, but we intend to use whatever opportunities we’re given to do some good things.