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Food Tours in Penang George Town

Our Penang Food Tours are a Specially Curated Experience

We started Heritage on a Plate because we’re passionate about Penang. The culture, the street food, and the vibrant stories intertwined into the rich fabric of George Town. We love this place. It’s home.

We’ve carefully curated our food tours to be a special experience - an exploration of Penang food and culture, a way discover the rich history of the city, and a way to create connection with the place you’re visiting.

Food nourishes us, and it also brings us together. People often say we’re the best food tour in Penang. Well, we also want to be the best way to experience George Town. What better way to discover this heritage city than through its much loved, much shared and much talked about food?

Heritage On a Plate Penang Tour Guide Danny

A Passion for Penang Food & History

Hello! I’m Danny and I’m one of the co-founders of Heritage on a Plate. You’ll meet me on most of our food tours, or food hops as we like to call them.

I have a real passion for Malaysian food, and Penang street food in particular. When I’m not hosting hops or plotting to take over the world, I’m usually eating, or reading about eating.

I was born here and in the last few years its become my calling to document and tell the story of Penang. The story of this island and its people can be inspiring, suprising, harrowing and heartwarming. It is a place with so much to tell, and I’d like to share that with you through our food.

Stories are much better with food anyway :)

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You can book our food tours in George Town whether you’re a solo traveler or here with loved ones. There’s more to learn and experience in this historic city. We’re looking forward to sharing what we love about Penang and George Town with you.