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Penang Food Tour Tips: 3 Must Know Tips For Your Food Tour In George Town

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Hello, everyone! Penang food is a big reason people visit the island. A food tour in George Town can help you get the most from your trip and show you some of the rich history and culture of this World Heritage site. Here’s a few common questions we get on our tour and tips to help you prepare!

How do I get around George Town?

We prefer walking in the core heritage site of George Town (hence why we do a walking tour). This gives you a better vantage of the details of the city, from it’s colonial mansions to its everyday traditions and delicious food. The city has pedestrian walkways but many of them are damaged and/or not wheelchair accessible, so you might be walking on the roads for a fair bit. However, the traffic here is less daunting than most other Southeast Asian cities.

You can also take the RapidPenang bus (the schedules are up on the website) as well as the local rideshare option, Grab. We’ll be honest, George Town has a bit of a traffic problem. With a high density of road traffic, it is best to plan your travel during non-peak hours. If you have to travel during peak hours (7.30am - 9.30am/4.30pm - 7.30pm) it’s best to allocate some extra time for your transit.

Walking is how you find gems like this. Picture by J.

Walking is how you find gems like this. Picture by J.

What should I wear to the tour?

We’re going to be walking quite a bit so comfortable shoes are advised. We prefer shoes over flip flops simply because they provide more comfort and protection, so if you’ve got a pair of walking/running shoes have them on for your tour.

Casual clothes are just fine for either the lunch or dinner tour, but do bring sunscreen if you’re doing the lunch tour. Please note that although we’re an island, swimwear is best kept for the beach rather than the city. There are no laws against wearing bikini tops or being shirtless (for men), but people will treat you as if you’re wearing a bathrobe to a cocktail party.

Please be aware that some cultural and religious landmarks will refuse access if you’re not appropriately dressed.

Should I eat before my food tour?

Yes, you should definitely eat before your tour. This sounds counter-intuitive but will actually help you get more out of your tour.

When empty for a long period, it’s easy for the stomach to fill with gas. This might cause discomfort or acid reflux once you do start eating during the tour. You might find that you actually end up eating less and feel more lethargic because you’ve missed meals.

If you’re taking our lunch tour, eat a simple but nutritious breakfast. If you’re taking the dinner tour, eat your regular lunch meal and depending on whether you’re accustomed to it, you can snack during tea time. Because of the physical nature of the walking tour, you’ll have a healthy appetite for all of the delicious food on offer during the tours.

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That’s all for now, folks! Let us know if you have any questions about taking tours, or anything you’d like to know that would make your food tour in Penang even better. Safe travels and good eating!