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A Hop to Remember!

Food Tour, Malaysian Food, Penang FoodDanny MahesComment

Hey Food Fans! We wanted to share these really cool pictures from a recent hop with you. 

We met Ally & Ross, who were visiting George Town for their holiday, and really enjoyed showing them around our city. We're really glad they brought their camera along, because the pictures are lovely.

Penang Street Food Vendor Noodles

This one really captures the intensity that goes into preparing the delicious food that George Town and Penang are known for. These food vendors are skilled professionals who’ve been perfecting their art for decades, and they work really, really hard. Most nights, it’s a non-stop line of orders. It takes a lot of concentration, skill and stamina to keep going! 

Penang street food delicious chicken feet

Is there a better snack than chicken’s feet? Probably depends on who you ask :P But this dish is a favourite appetiser or side that is enjoyed by many Penangites. It’s also often served for dim sum in the mornings. Here’s Ross and I trying some at one of our stops.  

Fun fact: I'm a recent convert to the local chicken feet scene. I used to think they looked too scary to eat! Once I got over that though... mmm more chicken feet. 

Great time with Penang food

We’re always excited to meet great people who want to know more about the people and city of George Town. To me personally, it's one of the things that really makes doing this so enjoyable! Thanks for being awesome Ally & Ross, and thank you for the great pictures!

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All photo credits © Ally & Ross, 2016